Butterscotch Birthday Cake

August had his birthday a few weeks ago! November 14th (he was 3 weeks early so I’m still a December mom I think?? lol)
I made his birthday cake myself so we could spend more money on presents. Some people wanted to see the recipe. Well I think you’ll be shocked at how simple it is lol.





  • 1 Box German Chocolate Cake mix
  • 2 Boxes butterscotch pudding
  • 2 Vanilla Frosting (Betty Crocker I think)

(that’s it!)


Cake: Prepare cake according to box instructions. Add one package of butterscotch pudding, bake accordingly.

Frosting: Mix both containers of frosting with one box of butterscotch pudding and frost cake! Voila! It was unbelievably good and easy. Everyone loved it and it tastes a lot fancier then this recipe suggests. I will go locate a picture in just a second!

One Response to “Butterscotch Birthday Cake”
  1. kari1210 says:

    I think I’ll be trying this very soon! :)

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