Oh Paula! Chocolate Frosting on Brownies??

Some rights reserved by Peat Bakke It’s not too much! I know you’re thinking, “Chocolate on chocolate, that’s way too rich!” It’s not. When I was pregnant, and also the miserable postpartum year afterwards (I’m totally kidding honey), I used to tell August that Paula Deen was his Grandma!  Wishful thinking, she’s just simply perfection … Continue reading

Holiday Punch

 Some rights reserved by Dan04 By Liz Madden Holiday Punch 2-48 oz. (1.36 L) cans pineapple juice 1-40 oz. (1.14 L) bottle cranberry juice 2-750 mL bottles soda water 1 litre strawberry, raspberry or lime sherbet Optional 1½ oz. Vodka (for an individual cocktail) Directions In a punch bowl, mix juices. Pour in soda water. Top with … Continue reading