Comfort Food

Comfort Food

photo via flickr by ganeme

Photo by ganeme

“C is for cookie, it’s good enough for me; oh cookie cookie cookie starts with C.”

— Cookie Monster, Sesame Street

Comfort Food:  n. Food that is simply prepared and associated with a sense of home or contentment.

Comfort food can be described as food that brings some sense of “well-being, or easy satisfaction.”  Many of the food choices may consist of the simple and familiar. It can be any form of staple food, or a basically pleasing choice of sweets or desserts.

If you do a search on Google images for the words “comfort food” you’ll see instantly how varied and unique each person’s idea can be.  For some it’s french toast,  ice cream pie,  sloppy joes,  fried chicken, or just your basic chocolate chip cookie.  Others might need a strange combination of food to get to that perfect state of contentment…and say something like, “i have to eat dark chocolate and sharp cheese together” However no matter what  your choice is for soothing your soul the one thing we have in common is the goal of getting to that blessed state of being that makes getting through some of our roughest days possible.   I’m working hard on trying to make my comfort food something more along the lines of “broccoli with cheese” or “roasted asparagus” but until then you’ll most likely see me tucking the scale away and toasting a piece of cinnamon bread or whipping up something my mother made me while I was growing up.

Recipes brought to you by the mothers of babyfit December 2008, all of whom have near two year olds at the moment!  I call that being an authority on the subject!

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