Italian Pepper Roast Flatbread Sandwiches

A fresh, home-made Pesto made to this recipe.

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We have been on a slowcooker kick for the last month or so with the move coming up.  I really can’t stand to have a regular meat and potatoes roast in the slowcooker more then once a month so I have been pushing the limits of my creativity.  This one came out amazing!!  The leftovers in the fridge had that green herby tint to them…. and the taste is amazing!

2-3lb Chuck roast

1 pack Knorrs Pesto Sauce Mix (prepare as marinade-make with olive oil and dry mix only)

1 Pack Zesty Herb Marinade (Grill Mates) prepare according to packet.

1 red bell pepper.

Flat bread

Newman’s Own Alfredo Sauce

Shredded Lettuce

Coat roast with pesto marinade add to slow cooker.

I set this on high and let the pesto sink into the meat for about an hour.  I didn’t have a chance to marinade in the fridge.  After an hour I added the Zesty Herb Marinade.  Then near the end of four hours I added the red bell peppers sliced up. ( For those who work I’d do the pesto marinade over night and then when you set it up in the morning add the Zesty Herb and slow cook on low like you normally would.  When you get home add the Red Peppers and set on high for up to an hour.)

Smear Alfredo sauce on flat bread add shredded lettuce and meat, and enjoy!

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